Mom’s Explanation Why She Teaches Son Not To Share Is Going Viral- See Parent’s Reactions

When a little boy named Carson was approached by a group of other children who were looking to play with his action figures, they received a shocking answer. His mother Alanya has taught her son that he does not have to share if he does not want to and Carson had actually brought the toys to share with the daughter of one of Alanya’s friends.

While most parents would tell their child that they had to share, Alanya is teaching Carson the opposite. As you might have imagined, the children who were not allowed to play with the toys immediately ran to Alanya to rat Carson out. They were told that Carson would share the toys with them if he saw fit and that it was not their place to force him into sharing if that’s not what he wanted to do.

There are some who may agree with the point that she is trying to make, but the parents of the other children did not take kindly to Alanya’s parenting methods. In her mind, no adult would ever be forced to share, so why should a child? She believes that even a child should have the freedom of choice. The toys were only brought to the park to share with one little girl, not a crowd of six boys.

In this instance, we have to admit that Alanya has a point. Carson was bringing the toys to share and just because they were not being shared with a group of boys that Carson did not know, this does not make her a bad parent. The toys are his personal property and there is no law that says he has to share them with any stranger that comes along.

Meanwhile, some denizens of the Internet called Alanya’s social media post on their matter dramatic and believed that her behavior was ridiculous. Others claimed that she was teaching her son to feel like a victim and some even opined that she was implanting harmful ideas in his head that could cause him to have entitlement issues when he is older.

Whatever happened to nuance and realizing that the best answers to any question tend to lie somewhere in the middle? While he is certainly supposed to share as far as public items like slides and swings are concerned, he brought the toys to the playground for a specific reason and he was under zero obligation to share them with strangers. Be sure to pass this story along and see where your friends and loved ones land on this debate.


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