Monkey Gets Bizarre Punishment For Stealing Food, While Awful People Crowd Around And Cheer

This story takes place in India, where a monkey who was caught stealing food from a local marketplace was given a very bizarre punishment that makes little to no sense. This poor ape had no other means of feeding himself, but the townspeople and vendors took zero sympathy on the animal.

Instead of helping the creature to find food, these awful souls decided to tie it up instead. Can you believe that some miserable people would do this to a poor, innocent monkey? Its arms and feet were bound, so that it could not get away and the animal was left in the middle of town for people to jeer at.

This needlessly cruel act was photographed as evidence of the continued existence of animal abuse. Those who partake in these sorts of behaviors should be punished for their actions and we are tired of seeing stories like these taking place. No animal should ever be forced to experience this sort of punishment.

After all, shouldn’t every living creature on this planet have a right to some form of sustenance each day? We are not condoning theft by any stretch of the information, but when we are resorting to cruel and unusual punishment for animals who don’t know any better, it is time to reassess things.

This poor ape was merely trying to survive and as humans, we could all stand to have a little more empathy for animals who are in these positions. Shame on this crowd of people for standing around and laughing at a hungry animal who was only trying to find a bite to eat.

Please share this story with all of the animal lovers in your life, so that they can spread awareness as well. No animal ever deserves to be treated in this way and we do not care what they have stolen!

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