Monster dumps pregnant dog and leaves her to die, but she fights back with amazing recovery

The story of Wanda the dog is an incredible one and while she probably would have died alone under most circumstances, this dog is not like most dogs. This poor little lady was tossed over a fence and left to her own devices. We cannot believe that someone would ever willfully throw a dog away like this and they should be ashamed of themselves for behaving in such a manner.

Ravenswood Pet Rescue is responsible for finding the young mother and according to a worker named Shelley, Wanda had experienced a case of neglect that ranked among the worst that she had ever seen. To make matters even worse, she had also given birth to puppies recently. Shelley also admits to crying while the dog was being taken to the vet, because she had rarely seen a dog in such a sad condition.

Wanda not only had hematomas in both of her ears, she also had ulcers in her eyes. Sarcoptic mange had also begun to accumulate on her skin. Since Wanda’s care was going to be incredibly expensive, Shelley knew that she was going to have set up a Go Fund Me page in order to ensure the animal’s long term survival. Her goal was to obtain £3,000 for her medical expenses.

She was not able to raise the £3,000 for the animal’s medical care….she was actually able to come up with £8,000 instead. Her journey back to good health began with a three day IV drip and all it took was a few days of proper treatment for the dog to show major signs of hope. Her tail began to wag and for the first time in her life, she was able to feel true love.

She spent four weeks in isolation while her mange was being treated and she also needed daily medication to tend to her wide range of maladies. Wanda seemed like a goner at first, but after three long months spent in an intensive care unit, the dog started to take a turn for the better. She has been given a home with a wonderful foster family and she receives all the love and attention that she so richly deserves.

Now that Wanda is well again, her true personality has emerged and she is having a great time with her siblings. Her foster family fell hopelessly in love with her and did not want to see her leave their side. Please share this story about Wanda’s amazing recovery with your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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