Neighbors Complained About Strange Noises, So She Set Up A Hidden Camera And Hit Recording

Are you someone who has noisy neighbors or are you the noisy neighbor? Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on, dealing with noise that is unwanted can be a major challenge and when you cannot put a stop to it, certain measures need to be taken. If you’ve ever lived in a neighborhood with neighbors who have wild parties or play loud music, you will definitely be able to relate to this story.

The neighbors in this story were particularly vexed because the noise that they were hearing was only coming from the house when the occupants weren’t home. Nora the cat was clearly the source of the noise, but no one seemed to know how she was creating it. Once you read on to find out the answer to this hilarious riddle, you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing.

Nora the cat’s mother is named Betsy and she works as a piano teacher. In order to find out exactly where the noise was coming from and why, she decided that it would be best to set up a hidden camera. Once the camera had been set up and she was able to go back through the footage, what she found was utterly astounding. This cat’s noise was being created by the most obvious culprit of all: Betsy’s piano!

We would love to know just how Nora the cat managed to learn how to tickle the ivories like this. If you are the type of person who believes that cats are unintelligent creatures who are incapable of learning new tricks, this clip is here to crush all of your preconceived notions. If you are already familiar with her exploits, be sure to check out the awesome sequel.

After all, who says that a sequel can’t be better than the original? For those who have not seen the original, take a moment to educate yourselves about this animal’s greatness. A talented kitty like this one certainly deserves a standing ovation and if you enjoyed this clip as much as we did, take a moment to pass it along to all of your closest friends and family members.

This is the sort of video that you can watch with your friends and loved ones over and over again. Don’t forget to share it with all of the music lovers in your life, as well as all of the cat aficionados.

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