New trailer for Stephen King’s ‘It’ leaves audiences terrified

If you are a horror movie aficionado, you have probably heard about the upcoming Stephen King film “It” and you are probably dying of anticipation as well. The film is based one of his most beloved novels and it tells the story of a maniacal clown that lives in the sewers and preys on innocent children.


While it was once made into a miniseries during the early 1990s, it has yet to become a true feature film. Tim Curry is well known for playing the role of the clown and his performance was as outstanding as it was bone chillingly terrifying to all those who watched it.

The movie wrapped its filming last September and it is slated for release later this year. Meanwhile, everyone involved in the production has been extremely tight lipped when it comes to any and all pertinent details, which only serves to heighten the anticipation of audience members everywhere.

The red band trailer for “It” was unleashed on unsuspecting audiences at the South by Southwest festival and they were quite literally screaming in pure terror at what they saw unfold before them. We cannot say that we would not have been doing the same thing if we were present.

If this movie even comes close to living up to its trailer, we have a classic smash hit on our hands. We were already waiting for this film with breathless anticipation and thanks to this trailer, our hype level for “It” has reached a fever pitch that few horror movies can match.

Do you want to see the trailer that is making audiences lose their mind and develop a newfound fear of clowns? Be sure to check out this amazing clip and pass it along to all of the film fanatics and horror lovers in your life.

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