NFL star comes home to see that his dog is missing, then receives a chilling call from stranger

When Lucky Whitehead, a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, brought home his new pitbull puppy (which he named Blitz), the two were immediately inseparable. They would become fast friends and the cute dog went everywhere with Lucky. Lucky would soon go on vacation to Florida and when he left, he trusted a member of his inner circle to take care of little Blitz while he was away.

My new mascot @blitz2fast growing FAST!! #Luck2Fast #AirBlitz 🏈🐶⭐️

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While he was in Florida, he received a very disconcerting text from a friend who was curious as to whether Lucky was letting people come into his house during his trip. He immediately knew that something must be wrong and booked a flight back home as fast as he could. The house had experienced a break in and while Lucky had lost some shoes and some bags, the burglars had taken the thing that meant the most to him: Blitz.

9 weeks old me . #Happy #NationalBestFriendDay thank you daddy @luck2fast !!! #12weeks #BigBoy #Xlbully

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The material possessions were not important to Lucky and he knew that he could get those back whenever he felt like it. He got right down to business and started working on finding Blitz. Not long after he began to search for his beloved pup, he received a call from a number that was blocked. The person on the other end of the line was holding Blitz for a $10,000 ransom.

They wanted to know just how much the dog meant to him and if he was willing to pay up for the animal’s safe return. Since the police had no ability to trace the call, Lucky took to social media to ask his followers for help. He was not going to pay the initial $10,000 ransom, but he did offer to spend an undisclosed amount once he was shown proof that Blitz was not in any danger and the dog was unharmed.

Once Lucky’s post began to circulate, the dog made a mysterious reappearance at his home. No one knows if Lucky was forced to pay the ransom in order to see his dog again or who the original dog thief was. No arrests were made when it came to this matter and while this matter is certainly disconcerting, we are glad to see that Lucky and his beloved Blitz have been reunited.

He issued a Snapchat message to all of his followers to let them know that Blitz was safe. Please share this story to spread awareness about animal kidnapping and the dangers of entrusting your pets to the wrong people.

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