No One Understands Just How Dangerous These Bristle BBQ Brushes Are Until It’s Too Late

ABC news has reported something interesting. It is a danger that many of us face during the warmer months of the year and we may not be aware of it. In fact, thousands of Americans are injured as a result of barbecuing in their backyard, a seemingly harmless pastime.

When you get together with family and friends to have a barbecue, the last thing on your mind is the possibility of getting injured. The fact of the matter is, however, one simple mistake could put a life in jeopardy. One of the ways that we can be injured is when we clean the barbecue. Most of us do this regularly to protect our valuable investment. It also helps the grill to act properly when we are cooking food.

So why do we need to be cautious when cleaning the grill? Because many of us use a wire bristle barbecue brush. It turns out that this brush could be putting your family in harm’s way.

A six-year-old boy was hospitalized two years ago after a loose bristle from the brush was stuck to a hamburger. That bristle ended up lodged in his throat. Many people heard about the story at that time and became aware of the dangers associated with wire bristle brushes.

According to a University of Missouri school of medicine study, almost 1700 injuries were reported in the United States from bristle barbecue brushes. Those injuries took place in the years from 2002 till 2016.

Obviously, this is a health concern that needs our attention.

When metal bristles on the brush become loose during use, it can cause the problem. Those loose bristles get stuck in the grill and when raw meat is put on them, the thin bristle can become attached.

You can do a number of things to keep this hazard from occurring to your family. Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to inspect the bristle brush prior to using it. If it is worn down or if you see loose bristles, discard it immediately.

When using a new brush, make sure that you care for it properly. Keep it indoors to extend the useful life of the brush. After you scrub the grill, use a damp cloth to wipe it down and remove the loose bristles.

If this story makes you want to run screaming in the other direction when you see a wire bristle barbecue brush, there is an alternative. You can use a wooden scraper and they work quite well.

Here are 5 additional things to be cautious of when using a barbecue.

1. Gas Leaks – Always check for leaks before using your grill. You can do so with soapy water. Rub the soapy water over the connections and hoses and then turn on the gas with the lid open. If there is a leak, you will see soap bubbles.

2. Defrosting Meat – There is a serious danger associated with defrosting your meat improperly. Make sure that you research how to do it properly and never take chances.

3. Leave Space – Make sure that your grill is a minimum of 10 feet from your house. It could save you and your family from a potential fire.

4. Don’t Overload – When you put too much fatty food on the grill, it could fuel the flames and you might end up with a large fire.

5. Do Some Planning – Stay near to the grill when it is on. Keep supplies nearby and never leave the grill unattended.

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