Nurse urges everyone to change iPhone setting that could end up saving your life

Most of us are unable to survive without our smartphones and they are a major part of our day to day existence. However, many of us are not even tapping into their truly awesome features. Julia Thompson, a nurse, decided to let people know about one key feature that they may have missed out on that just might save their lives.

Apple’s Health app is commonly used by those who wish to get fit and and there is a hidden feature within this app that is crucial to our long term health: Medical ID. Medical ID truly comes in handy when patients arrive at a hospital with locked phones and no ability to identify themselves or speak about their medical history.

The information contained within the Medical ID feature allows physicians to access the information even if your phone is locked. They are able to click on the phone’s emergency options and find out more about all of your most crucial medical information, an invaluable tool in times of crisis.

For Android users, there is an app that is known as ICE and it is believed to function in a similar manner. The Medical ID feature also keeps emergency contact information, so that your next of kin can be notified when a major medical issue is taking place.

To use your medical ID feature, unlock the iPhone and open your Health app. There should be a Medical ID tab located at the bottom right corner. Choose the ‘edit’ option and enter any information that would be relevant to a medical staff in a crisis scenario.

Choose the option to display Medical ID even when your phone is locked and you are all set! Once you click on ‘done’, the process is fully complete. Please take the time to share this story and the valuable information that it contains with your closest friends and loved ones!

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