2 nurses become best friends at hospital, then they realize something neither were prepared for

Just imagine how shocked you would be to find out that you and one of your coworkers were inextricably linked in a way that you never thought about before. While most of us view the hospital as a place to receive help when we are sick, it is also the setting for this astonishing miracle.

Eun-Sook and Pok-Nam Shim were separated at birth back in their native South Korea, as they were born to an alcoholic father. Both sisters made their way to the United States during the 1970s, as Pok-Nam was adopted by a family in Virginia and renamed Holly, while Eun-Sook is now known as Meagan and was adopted by a family in upstate New York.

While the sisters remained separated over the course of several decades, they did not know that there was only 300 miles of real estate between them. In 2015, fate took an interesting twist, as both women were hired at the same hospital in Sarasota. But this was not enough of a coincidence.

Not only did they get hired at the same hospital, but they also got assigned to the same floor and the same shift. They were introduced by a patient on their floor and the more they began to speak to one another, the more similarities they found when it came to their past and how they ended up in America.

After awhile, they started to have suspicions that they were related and when they finally took the DNA test, these suspicions were confirmed at long last. Finding out you have a sister at such an old age has to be a truly profound and mind blowing revelation….we have to admit that we find ourselves somewhat jealous.

This story is one that needs to be seen to be believed, so be sure to share it with your closest friends and family members. Learning to appreciate the family members that we already have is one of the main lessons that we should all be taking away from this amazing tale.

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