Officer Loses Consciousness After Eating At Subway, Hospital Informs Him That Food Was Laced

When we go out to eat at a popular fast food franchise, we have a certain expectation for what is about to take place. However, one police officer who recently stopped in at a Utah subway got far more than they bargained for when one reckless employee decided to provide them with an unwanted extra item.

Tanis is an ordinary 18 year old boy and while some might find his actions funny, they are truly reprehensible and it is safe that he did not think his prank through. While he may have thought that it would be humorous to spike the drink of a police officer with methamphetamine and THC, this decision came with consequences.


The restaurant’s cameras caught him in the act of poisoning the beverage and while the officer immediately felt the effects, he was still able to make his way back to the Layton Police Department. His fellow officers became concerned when they noticed that he was drifting off and unable to process information.

He was then taken to a local hospital and given treatment before being brought home to rest. It is believed that the boy targeted the officer because he is a member of law enforcement, but fortunately, this is thought to be an isolated incident that is not indicative of the staff’s feelings about policemen.


For his part, Tanis is continuing to deny his actions, even though he was caught on tape. He now faces felony charges for this unwise decision and if he does not come to his senses and take responsibility for what he has done, he may face serious jail time as a result of this seriously unfunny prank.

The owners of the restaurant are fully complying with the investigation and if there is one lesson to learned from this story, it is a very simple one: if you are going to do something this stupid, be sure not to do it on camera!

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