Orangutan Puts Bag Over His Head, Tries Everything To Get His Friend’s Attention

Everyone likes to laugh and have a good time with their friends. We all need pals that we can be silly with and our animal buddies are certainly no different. That’s why we love to see animals who have a sense of humor and aren’t shy about expressing it. Having friends who find your jokes funny is crucial and from the looks of it, this orangutan understands the value of high quality class clowning.

Good jokes like these should never go to waste and this orangutan has gone viral as a result of his clever little gambit. If you ever found yourself wondering about the presence of funny animals who like to make their friends laugh, wonder no more. This hysterical clip will have you roaring with laughter and make you curious about the presence of other funny animals in the world.

We did not realize that these animals could be so side splitting, at least until now. In this clip, our orangutan pal has located a bag and instead of leaving it alone and going about his day, he’s elected to place his head inside of it. While this would be funny enough in and of itself, it is what he decided to do once his head was inside of the bag that is truly noteworthy (and worth sharing!)

He thinks that this little stunt will make his buddy laugh, but it seems as if his buddy either doesn’t find it humorous or is merely wondering where his pal has disappeared to. We can all relate to moments like these, can’t we? We’ve all had that moment where we did something that we found to be hilarious, yet our friends simply stared back at us with a cold and expressionless face.

Watching this orangutan pull and tug at his friend to try and make him laugh definitely takes us back to the good old days of elementary school. Trying to make your friends at silliness like this is something that most of us have done at some point in our lives. That’s why you will want to share this awesome video with all of your old pals, so that you can reminisce about the days when you would pull stunts like these.

As for our buddy here, he has since gone viral and for very good reason. Don’t be shy when it comes to sharing this gut busting clip!

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