Owner Chops Off Puppy’s Front Legs Because He Chewed His Neighbor’s Favorite Shoes

Cola the dog has experienced things that no animal should ever be forced to go through and we wish that this dog was never treated in such an abominable way. Cola was all of one year old when he decided to take a look around in his neighbor’s yard. This seemingly harmless decision triggered a chain of events that would change the dog’s forever and leave us wondering just how cruel people can be.

When Cola came across a pair of shoes in the aforementioned neighbor’s yard, he did what any other dog would do in that same scenario. He chewed up them up real good and when the owner of the shoes caught him in the act, he requested compensation for the damages. While Cola’s owner was more than happy to pay up, this evil neighbor took matters into his own hands.

Most would think that paying for the shoes would smooth matters over sufficiently enough, but the crazed neighbor elected to sever the poor dog’s front legs instead. How in the world is this an acceptable retaliation? To make matters worse, the neighbor even threatened to murder Cola’s brothers and sisters if his owner dared to report him for his ghastly behavior.

Cola’s owner was not about to be deterred by such threats and not only did she contact the authorities, but she also put the poor injured pup in touch with the good people at Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand. Before long, Cola was outfitted with a wheeled cart and prosthetic legs, so that he could resume a somewhat normal existence.

Thanks to the efforts of Soi Dog Foundation, Cola is still walking around and enjoying life. We cannot believe that one evil man could ever try to hurt an innocent dog in this way and we do not care how many pairs of shoes got chewed. There is no reason to let a petty piece of personal property serve as the catalyst for monstrous behavior like this….no matter what!

Animal abuse is taking place all too frequently and awareness needs to be raised about those who take it upon themselves to discipline other people’s animals in a harsh manner. To find out more about the story of Cola and his ability to persevere during hard times, please check out this heartwarming video and don’t be shy about passing it along!

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