Parents Discover 5-Year-Old’s Odd Drawing, Realize She’s Sending Them A Dark Message

Unfortunately, we still live in a world where authority figures are willing to do harm to children because they do not believe that anyone will ever find out about their misdeeds. All too often, we hear stories about priests who abuse their power and molest young children. We will never be able to wrap our heads around this poisonous mindset.

One family in Brazil was forced to experience this trauma firsthand when their little girl drew them a picture that contained a hidden message about the awful experiences that the family’s church had forced her to endure. When the girl’s father deciphered the message in her photograph and decided to confront the priest, the most shocking thing happened…

Father Joao de Silva did not attempt to conceal his actions in any way and he confessed to his actions as soon as he was confronted. Perhaps the inner guilt that was associated with his behavior was simply too much for him to bear. When the child was brought to a psychologist because of the suspicions of sexual abuse, the aforementioned pictures said more than her words ever could.

Six different drawings were found in the little girl’s room and they all depicted sexually depraved acts that had taken place between her and the priest. We cannot even begin to imagine how this little girl felt and the amount of betrayal that goes into an action like this is difficult for us to swallow. Priests are supposed to uplift and encourage and they destroy innocent lives all too often.

We wish this child all of the best during her recovery from this unspeakable trauma and we are also glad to hear that this unlawful priest has been taken into custody. No child ever deserves to go through experiences like these and with any luck, de Silva will never be able to go near another child. We sincerely hope that he never sees the light of day again.

Parents, please pay close attention to your children at all times. Even when they are merely drawing pictures, they are still communicating with you. The onus is now on you to have the proper vigilance and be willing to confront all those who place your child’s health and well being in any sort of jeopardy. Stories like these are very sad, but they still need to be shared with a wider audience.

Source: DailyMail

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