Parents Are Horrified After Seeing Something Hiding In Their Disabled Son’s Breathing Tube

We’ve all heard the saddening stories about nursing homes that do not know how to properly treat their patients and while you would like to think that the people who make it their life’s calling to help others would actually do their job properly, the world is full of people who do not share this point of view. Caring about the people who you are responsible for helping is something that should come easy, but unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Steven is a 41 year old man and he has been disabled ever since he experienced a horrific car accident 26 years ago. He is not able to breathe on his own and is reliant on health care workers to assist him with all of his most necessary daily tasks. When a nurse recently visited him at the nursing home where he resides, she made a discovery that will utterly nauseate anyone who is reading.

Can you believe that Steven’s breathing tubes contained one of the most disgusting insects to ever walk this planet? The nurse took a closer look at the patient’s breathing tubes and found that they were infested with maggots. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly….maggots. There are a number of basic care laws being broken here and we can’t even imagine the level of neglect that must have taking place.

To make matters even worse, Steven was also taken to the hospital for various maggot infestations. We cannot believe that a proper investigation was not conducted after the first time he was admitted to the hospital. How else would he have managed to experience a maggot infestation, unless he was the victim of very severe and criminal neglect?

No employees received any sort of reprimand for this awful occurrence and no firings took place. To make matters even worse, the situation was never made public. This allowed even more patients to be admitted to this nursing home and we shudder to think about the treatment that they are receiving. If you would like to learn more about this nursing home and their awful treatment, please be sure to check out this informative video.

Stories like these need to be shared with a much wider audience, so that neglect can finally become a thing of the past. By taking the time to share this story, you are doing your part to keep stories like these from becoming more commonplace.

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