Parents Leave Their Baby With This “Killing Machine”, Then Realize What The Dog Has Done

If you know anything about pitbulls, then you probably know all about their reputation for being one of the most fearsome dog breeds known to man. There is a pervasive idea that has been allowed to persist regarding the level of danger that they pose and a number of people have been led to believe that they will attack for no reason whatsoever as a result.

One Russian family has decided to come forward and do everything in their power to eliminate this reputation. Akamaru is their pitbull and he is one of the most kind and gentle dogs that you would ever hope to meet. His cuddly personality goes against all of the preconceived notions that the average citizen has when it comes to the “danger” the pitbulls are said to pose.

Akamaru’s favorite member of the family is a two year old baby and his owner Justin has shared numerous photos of the dog and his pal. If you are someone who has allowed yourself to fall for the media hype that circulates about pitbulls, you just might be shocked by what you are looking at. As for this family, they know better and they are well aware of the fact that they have nothing to fear.

While they are used by those who run dog fighting rings because of their powerful jaws, they are not a naturally aggressive animal. Now that the media has come along and decided to run with these false ideas about pitbulls, they are now considered to be dangerous by a number of would be pet owners and Akamaru is here to destroy these notions.

No animal is born aggressive and Akamaru was raised in the proper environment. His family has raised to be a friendly and kind dog and he has never attacked anyone because of his top notch training. You can turn any dog into an overaggressive killing machine if you are not willing to treat them right and Akamaru is living proof that the environment an animal is raised is crucial t to their temperament.

Please share this story to raise awareness about the false ideas that are circulating about pitbulls, so that they are not allowed to spread any further. It is high time that we come together and stop letting those who do not know anything about pitbulls dictate the course of the conversation!

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