Parents tell their kids to avoid boy with autism, mom writes brace response on Facebook


Prejudice is a terrible aspect of modern society that continues to persist even as we become more enlightened as people, thanks to parents who feel it necessary to pass down their needless phobias and dislikes to their children who do not know any better and parrot these mantras to their schoolmates.

Being a child is hard enough without having parents who decide to fill your head with nonsensical thoughts and ideas and when this mother was forced to go above and beyond when it came time to defend her own child from a world filled with prejudice, her response will touch your heart.


This mother’s name is Nicole Duggan and Nicole noticed that parents in her three year old son Riley’s class were directing their children away from her son because of his special needs. Her child is autistic, often struggles with intense emotional stimuli and is also non verbal.

When she realized that parents in her son’s class were hesitant to let their children play with him, she wrote an open letter to all of these close minded people, letting them know just how amazing her son truly is.


Her story is a sobering reminder that we are all not created equally and that some of us view the world through a completely different prism than our counterparts. That is why is it important for parents to teach their children right from wrong and provide them with the tools that they need to develop the proper view of their peers.


Nicole’s letter is also a reminder of the undying love of a parent, as her words will definitely hit home for any parents who have special needs children at home.


Please share this story with your friends and family members, so that they can also be touched by Nicole’s boundless love for her child.

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