Parents wanted to have some fun with their kids on vacation but turned into a nightmare

Henna tattoos might seem completely harmless and without any sort of peril. For many children, they provide a chance to enjoy all of the fun of having a tattoo, while allowing them to avoid any sort of permanent consequences. Being able to have fun and express yourself is crucial for a child of any age and henna tattoos have long been considered one of the best ways to do so.

But one family recently had a very frightening experience with henna tattoos that will cause many readers to reconsider this practice entirely. A seven year old girl by the name of Madison fell ill as a result of a henna tattoo and this awful incident put a major damper on what was supposed to be a very fun family vacation. This story begins in a Egyptian hotel.

Madison’s mother became very ill herself and when she was rushed to the hospital, she was found to have an infection in her gall bladder. Since Madison and her brother remained by their mother’s side throughout the experience, they had earned themselves a reward. Their father took them to a salon at the hotel and allowed them to receive their very own henna tattoos.

Sebastian (her little brother) did not have the same experience as Madison, as his tattoo became itchy and was washed off relatively early on. Once the family arrived back in England, Madison’s tattoo had become very itchy too and when her parents took a closer look at the area, they found that she had developed a fairly severe rash.

Once the rash began to blister, this was cause for alarm for her parents. They took her to the doctor after doing a bit of research and the steroid cream she was prescribed was not effective. Burn specialists were the next step and when she was rushed to the emergency room, they found a chemical called PPD that was responsible for the adverse reaction.

PPD is typically added to tattoos like these to make them appear darker on the skin. While the blisters had become incredibly thick and the doctors were forced to slice the skin in order to treat the ailment, Madison remained brave. She has made it through the ordeal with no further issues, but this story is a sad reminder of just how dangerous these tattoos can be. Please pass it along to your friends and loved ones!

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