Man was sick of neighbor’s dog jumping to peek over the fence, so he built a ‘peephole’

We love to see stories about true animal lovers who are willing to go above and beyond for the sake of their pets (and other people’s). Jennifer Bowman not only has a dog and cat to call her own, but she has also established a rapport with the neighbor’s dog, a German shepherd who answers to the name Penny.

Penny is adorably curious and when she sees Jennifer having fun with her pets, she can’t help but try to get in on the fun. However, the fence that separates the two properties served as a major obstacle and the dog was unable to see what was going on.

While most neighbors would consider this dog to be a nuisance of sorts, Jennifer is definitely not most neighbors. Penny needed a spot where she could peek into the yard and watch all of the fun that was taking place, so Jennifer decided to create a peephole for the super curious pup.

The peeking spot that she crafted for Penny is absolutely perfect, offering just enough space for the dog to peer into her yard without compromising the privacy of her own family in the process.


Jennifer truly thought of everything, as she even added an additional cutout for the pup’s snout. Just try and look at the picture of Jennifer’s creation without busting out laughing….allow us to tell you that we have already tried and failed to contain our uproarious chuckles when we saw this added touch.


Please share this hilarious video with your friends and family and if you have a neighbor dog who wants to get in on the fun with you and your pets, take a moment to use this clip as the inspiration that you and your loved ones need to include your furry friend in all of the excitement.

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