People Are Buying Huskies Because Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Then Dumping Them At Shelters

You would have to be living under a rock not to be aware of the Game of Thrones craze that has swept television viewers everywhere. But trends like these always come with unexpected side effects. The “direwolves” are a major aspect of the show and most of these animals are played by a breed that is closely related to Siberian huskies. One of them is also played an Arctic wolf.

However, dogs who resemble these animals in real life are experiencing some unwanted consequences as a result of this craze. Shelters and animal rescues in a variety of locations have reported that they are going through a far greater level of husky related abandonment. Fans of the HBO show are acquiring and surrendering the animals at a rate that far outpaces any other breed of dog.

This increase is definitely aligned with the rise of the show and the spike is especially noticeable over the course of the past three years. Over the past two years, shelters and rescues have seen an increase in abandoned huskies that doubles the expected rate. Game of Thrones fans might firing up their defenses as we speak and be ready to fight back against these allegations.

There is only one issue, though. The names of these dogs are dead giveaways. Dogs with names like Ice, Sansa, Ghost and Stark are popping up with an increasing amount of regularity. The problems come into play when fans of the show foolishly want their own “direwolf” without taking the time to do the research about the needs of a husky first.

The husky is not a breed that is suited for everyone and they are very active dogs that need a lot of exercise to be happy and well adjusted. They are also known for their very high prey drive, which places other small animals in the home at severe risk for an attack. The husky is a pack animal by nature and they love also to perform daring escapes from their owner’s homes at any opportunity.

If you are someone who wants to procure your own husky because of your love for the popular television show, take the time to do your research first. Don’t rush into a purchase or be overly impetuous. Be sure to share this story, so that awareness can be raised about the importance of researching the breed of dog that you are considering purchasing…husky or no husky.


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