People are sending photos of their pets to the U.S. government for an important reason


Animal welfare reports have been available to the general public for as long as most of us can remember, but thanks to the newest policies that have been enacted during Donald Trump’s leadership, these records have now been completely removed from government websites, causing animal lovers everywhere to speak out.


The reports used to reside on the United States Department of Agriculture website and included numerous details about animal abuse that is currently taking place at farms, circuses, zoos, laboratories, puppy mills and even places as well known as Sea World. Now that these reports are no longer accessible, the public is left in the dark on animal abuse.

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Now that government agencies are being restricted when it comes to the amount of information that they can provide, a number of rogue Twitter accounts have begun to spring up. The USDA’s new “unofficial” Twitter account encouraged their followers to send in photos of their pets as a means of speaking out.


The photos began to pour in quickly, as well as a number of stories about the precious pets who are pictured. Many of the animals had been rescued from puppy mills and other dangerous institutions.

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Without the reports that had been provided by the USDA, many of these animals would have suffered a terrible fate. Rescue animals are also a big part of many happy families and thanks to the efforts of the USDA, a wide range of concerned citizens have been able to provide them with the homes that they so richly deserve.

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While it remains to be seen how this issue is going to be resolved going forward, one thing is for sure: the American citizen is not going to accept this new reality without a fight. To take action against these measures, head to the Freedom of Information Act website and make a request.


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