People can’t unsee a strange detail in this photo of Princess Diana and Prince Charles

Unless you have been living under a rock for the majority of your life, you have probably seen your fair share of photos of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. This world famous pair were considered to be the “it” couple of their time period and as you might expect, there are quite a few pictures of the royal couple currently in circulation.

Diana appealed to many because she transcended her status as royalty and became someone that the “average” woman could identify with. While she was considered to be the “normal” woman who happened to be marrying into royalty, this is not entirely truthful. She was also born into a royal bloodline and her father inherited the Earl Spencer title 42 years ago. At this point, she became “Lady Di” and once she married Charles in 1981, they were forever in the spotlight.

She held various royal titles during their marriage and would soon birth two sons, Harry and William. She was well known for her charitable works and even became a fashion icon to women everywhere. The couple was a front page fixture and they were followed by paparazzi everywhere that they went. These perfect individuals seemed to have it all…but there is just one odd detail in their photographs.

Take a closer look at the photos. Do you see it yet? While there is nothing obviously askew in any of the pictures, their statures attract some attention. In all of the pictures, Diana appears to be shorter than Charles. However, we now know that this was merely an optical illusion. Not only was she no shorter than Charles, but they were the same height!

They each stood 5’10” and while the image of Diana as a dainty woman who was smaller than her husband may have been the image Charles chose to project, it was far from the truth. This leaves us with a number of questions. Who is responsible for these photos looking the way that they do? Did Charles wear lifts? Was Diana ever allowed to wear heels?

Now that you have seen this discrepancy for yourself, we are willing to bet that you will never be able to un-see it!

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