People forgot about a stray dog that was killed in a terrorist attack, then a man left a gift


A terrorist attack took place in Sweden on April 7 and this attack led to the deaths of four citizens. A shopping district in the city of Stockholm was the target for the attack, as a hijacked truck plowed into several pedestrians. Swedes have since visited the site where the attack took place to offer various memorial tokens.

In the midst of paying respects to the fallen, one man noticed something interesting about the memorial. He saw that there was one victim of the terrorist attack that had yet to be commemorated and he decided that it was time to do something about it.


Markus lives close by and when he noticed that Iggy the dog had not been memorialized yet, he decided that it was time for the late pup to receive a proper remembrance. He and his girlfriend created a very unique memorial to remember Iggy by and his gesture will definitely touch your heart.

He left the collar of his first dog (who was named Ebba) at the memorial site, as well as some doggy biscuits and a candle. After placing some flowers next to the aforementioned trinkets, his mother requested a photo of the scene and once the picture went viral, Markus received an outpouring of support.


Iggy was originally a rescue dog and while his story did not have a happy ending, all is not lost, as long as we find a way to remember him and ensure that his name lives on long after he is gone. Thanks to Markus and his kind gesture, no one will ever forget his name.

This story is deeply saddening and our hearts go out to all those who were affected by this horrific terrorist attack. Be sure to spread the love and pass this story along to your friends and loved ones.

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