Pig who spent 12 years in a tiny stall, finally finds someone who truly loves her


The idea of an animal being neglected should be hurtful to all of us, but unfortunately, there are many who are completely nonplussed by the idea. The pig that you are about to meet has experienced a great deal of neglect over the course of her life and her story is a sad one indeed.



She comes from severe neglect and spent over a dozen years living in confinement. Pigs are not meant to live in such a way, as this poor girl and her sister were forced to reside in a private Australian residence. While they once had a backyard to call their own, this privilege was revoked as soon as the fencing broke.



As you might imagine, Edna’s pen was a place of squalor and the poor pig was made to live in conditions that are not befitting of any animal. All it took was a small amount of rain to turn her pen into a muddy mess and since she lived in confinement, her legs were too weak to withstand her conditions.




Once Edna’s owners decided to move to a new home, they did not even bother to bring her or her sister along for the trip, leaving them in their shoddily constructed pen. Edna’s sister would soon pass away, leaving Edna to live by herself in these horrific conditions for six months.



The neighbors continued to take care of her and provide her with food and when they contacted a sanctuary called When Pigs Fly, run by Deborah Pearce, she jumped at the chance to provide Edna with a proper home.




While the newfound freedom took some getting used to and it took her some time to emerge from her shell, Edna is still fond of people and has been a great addition to the sanctuary. If you would like to help more animals like Edna, be sure to head to the When Pigs Fly website and make a donation.


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