Pit Bull Escaped A Life Of Abuse And Is Now The Hero Dog Of The Year

While there are a number of dogs who are fortunate enough to be born into a home where they are loved and cared for, there are also a sizable amount of dogs that do not receive this luxury. They are born into a life on the streets, far away from all of the amenities that their more blessed counterparts are able to enjoy. These dogs often fall through the cracks as a result of their upbringing as well.

Abigail the pitbull did not get dealt the best hand in life and she was born into a life of dog fighting. This would typically be a death sentence for any other pooch and while she should not have been able to survive, this dog was certainly much different from all of the others. She has now been given a much deserved second chance at the life she should have had all along.

Her owner Megan does not take her anywhere without dressing her up in all sorts of adorable accessories. These headbands and head scarves are great to look at, but there is a certain functionality behind them that will break your heart. Abigail’s past life in the world of dog fighting has left her without an ear and these accessories are used to mask the injuries she sustained.

They serve as a representation of everything that the animal has been through and she has certainly come a long way from her life on the streets of Miami.

The suffering that Abigail endured is not fun to look at, but it is a reminder of her resilience and her ensembles allow her to serve as the canine embodiment of hope, according to Megan.

Abigail’s transformation into a more normal existence would already be inspiring enough, but she is also receiving awards for her efforts. The American Humane Society has now crowned Abigail as their Hero Dog of the Year and we are hard pressed to think of someone who would have a more rightful claim to the throne. Seeing just how she has come since her humble beginnings is definitely a sight to behold.

Each finalist for the award raised money for their chosen charity and for Megan, this offered her a choice to provide support to Dogs for Deployment. This group provides homes for pups whose owners are currently serving a tour of duty overseas. Please be sure to share this awesome story with your friends and loved ones as soon as possible!

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