Pizza delivery man leaves threatening letter after customer doesn’t leave a tip

Many of us have already worked a food industry job at some point in our lives. These gigs come with a great deal of pressure and there are no shortage of rude customers that do not care about making your days even more stressful. In our humble opinion, the people who work these jobs more than deserve the tips that they receive and these tips can often make a major difference to those who are struggling to survive.

However, there are others who are on the opposite side of the conversation when it comes to tipping food industry workers. Some believe that the money they spend on the food itself is sufficient enough and there are others who believe in tipping generously. There is also an erroneous perception that all tips go directly into the pocket of the person that they are given to.

But in many instances, the money is placed into a pot and divided evenly between the entire staff. A woman by the name of Lauren recently learned this lesson firsthand. When she ordered a pizza by using the Postmates app, she decided that the delivery charges were outrageous and elected not to tip because she felt as if all of the money went into the driver’s pocket.

The driver decided to let this woman know the error of her ways and left a note taped to her door that was four pages long. Lauren posted copies of the note on her Facebook page and this rant goes to some terrifying places. Between the needless ethnic stereotyping and the ruthless misogyny, we are not sure where to begin when it comes to this disgusting letter.

Not getting a tip when you have provided a useful service is definitely not cool, but writing a letter like this is even more unnecessary. To make matters even worse, the company refused to address the issue and this only served to infuriate Lauren even more. While it may have been frustrating for this driver not receive a tip, they had no right to behave in such a manner.

This is a story that will definitely spark some much needed debate and there are some who may be on the side of the delivery person. We hope that Postmates is willing to rectify this event soon and provide Lauren with a reasonable explanation for what they have allowed to take place.

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