Police receive a call about a cat with a rifle, so they look up into the tree to investigate

When police officers receive calls about guns, this is a very serious matter. But when these cops from Newport, Oregon received a call of this nature recently, they were hard pressed not to chuckle at the report that they were given by those who present and watching what was taking place.

Receiving a call about a cat that has found themselves stranded in a tree is a fairly normal event. But a cat that is armed with a gun is definitely not and we commend the cops who received this call for being willing to take it seriously.

Onlookers who first noticed the cat told the officers that the animal appeared to be holding a semi automatic weapon and while this may sound farcical to some, the officers who took the call arrived on the scene in a timely fashion and were ready to deal with this heavily armed feline.

We can only imagine all of the questions that must have been running through the minds of the officers when they first got the call. How could a cat possibly hold a gun? Where would the cat have been able to obtain a potentially deadly firearm from?

As you might have imagined, the story comes with its own unique and hilarious ending and if you would like to see how everything turned out, be sure to check this amazing clip below. We would also like to send a major shout to the officers who were willing to handle this call with the same level of delicacy as they do all of the other calls they receive.

This kitty definitely needed the help and we are glad that the officers were ready, willing and able to arrive in a moment’s notice. In a world full of stories about police officers who do not always the best choices, it is great to see a story about some good cops for once.

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