Police Are Warning All Women About This New Crime Targeting Them At Gas Stations

Gas stations are often the victim of various crimes and criminals have been known to target these locations for years now. Since they are open around the clock, staffed by low wage employees and contain cash registers, this can make them a sitting duck. While these businesses are no stranger to these sorts of issues and are regularly victimized by robberies, police have taken notice of a new crime that is taking place.

Women are the victim of these crimes and this trend is currently taking place all around the world. This crime is known as “sliding” and it takes place when the woman gets out of their vehicle to pay for the gasoline that they have just purchased. As soon as she opens her door to head inside, a perpetrator will open the passenger side door and snag as many valuables as possible before taking off.

Once police officers took notice of the crime, they noticed that women were being targeted at a rate that seemed fairly disproportionate. It is believed that they are easier targets because they are more likely to leave their purse or pocketbook sitting on the passenger seat once they head inside of the gas station to pay.

This makes the crime all the more convenient for the robbers and often allows them to sneak away undetected. The police came up with the “sliding” term for this very reason. The victim is typically none the wiser and the thieves are able to use the gas station to their advantage, by ducking away in areas where they cannot be easily seen.

The crime first started taking place in the United Kingdom and has since spread across the pond. Cases have since taken place in the United States, with officers from Florida and Texas reporting such incidents. The criminals who are responsible for this crime are professionals and can be in and out of your vehicle in less than 15 seconds in the majority of cases.

The cash and credit cards that are used in the crimes are utilized quickly, as one woman reported that $600 had been charged to her credit card in a matter of minutes. These criminals are not violent and if you would like to avoid a “sliding” of your own, be sure to keep your doors and windows locked at all times and take the time to make sure that you are paying an actual employee for your gas. Share this important story with all of your friends and loved ones as soon as possible!

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