Popular Drink Nearly Kills Dad During The Birth Of His Son, Leaves Hole In His Head

Brianna was about to bring her newest child into the world when she experienced something that no expectant mother should ever have to go through. Her husband Austin had a terrible accident just weeks before the child was due. The parents to be were very excited for their new arrival and were ready to become a family of three. However, Austin was left hanging between life and death.

His brain had hemorrhaged and doctors were at a complete loss as to why this had taken place. A number of tests were performed. Drug use was ruled out almost immediately. Once the doctors began to take a closer look at the issue, they came to a very startling conclusion. The man’s brain was experiencing these difficulties because of his excessive reliance on energy drinks.

Brianna took to her Facebook page to warn others. Her husband had developed the dependency as a result of his work schedule and long commutes. Unfortunately, these energy drinks had severe long term effects and his future became uncertain. When Austin was in the hospital hooked up to all of the tubes and machines that were responsible for keeping him alive, Brianna thought about his parents.

Their faces were full of grief. They did not know if their son was going to make it. Two weeks went by after the accident and Austin did not wake up. Brianna gave birth to their child without him present. Her newborn son looked just like his father, making for a very bittersweet moment. It was at this moment that the most miraculous event occurred.

Austin finally woke up! While he is still in the process of recovery, Brianna is still as in love with him as she ever was. She is now taking care of Austin and their newborn child. Brianna does not allow the reality of their situation to bring her down for even a moment. She even says that she falls more and more in love with him with each passing day.

Love is not about being there for someone when everything is already perfect. It is about being selfless and putting your own feelings to the side when your partner needs you the most. Please share this story as a reminder of the importance of sacrifice. If you have friends and loved ones who you would make this type of sacrifice, be sure to pass this story along to them as soon as possible.

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