Pregnant mom induced early labor so her dying husband could hold his child

The mother in this story was placed in a situation that no one would ever wish onto their worst enemy. While there are a number of people who would fold during a moment this stressful, this mother found a way to make the best out of a truly terrible predicament and deserves a great deal of kudos.

Diane Aulger was placed in a position that most could never begin to fathom, as she was slated to give birth to her baby girl while her husband was dying of cancer. Not only did he become bedridden while she was pregnant, but doctors also expected him to be long gone by the time the child was born.

He was able to overcome the stage 3 colon cancer that he was initially diagnosed with, but he would soon experience pulmonary fibrosis, which is a scarring that takes place within the lungs and impedes the flow of oxygen to the brain and a wide range of other vital organs.

This forced Diane to make a very difficult choice in order to ensure her husband’s ability to see the birth of his child. This decision may not agree with some people, but in her mind, she had zero choice in the matter.

Instead of going through with the natural birth that she has originally planned, Diane made the decision to induce early labor and provide Mark with a well deserved opportunity to hold his little baby girl, who was named Savannah.

This family’s story is one of the most unbelievable tales that we have ever seen and those who wish to see it for themselves in order to believe it are urged to watch the video below. Once you finished drying your eyes, be sure to pass it along to your friends and family members on your Facebook news feed and Twitter timeline.

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