Pregnant Mom’s Husband Told Her Not To Wear This Shirt, But Women Everywhere Are Applauding Her

Autumn Safley recently took a trip to her local Hobby Lobby store and while she did not expect to receive very much attention during a routine shopping trip, it was her choice of shirt that earned her a few second glances. A woman by the name of Courtney noticed Autumn’s shirt and ironically enough, it was a shirt that Autumn’s husband was less than thrilled about her wearing out in public.

The T-shirt had a rainbow design and was emblazoned with a slogan that was definitely bound to turn a few heads. The quote was a rather simple one (“you’re looking at a rainbow!”), but the deeper meaning was far more special than most realize. Since Autumn was pregnant at the time, it was thought that the shirt was merely referring to her unborn child, but this expression has more meaning than you might think.

The shirt is designed to call attention to the existence of “rainbow babies”. Rainbow babies are children that are conceived by couples who have already experienced a miscarriage in the past. The expression is derived from the idea that a newborn child who arrives after a miscarriage has taken place is the equivalent of a rainbow arriving after a vicious storm has already come and gone.

Discovering that you are pregnant again after such an awful occurrence has take place can be difficult for some, but for Autumn? It was a cause for celebration. The majority of parents who are grieving do not like to call attention to what they have been through and while Autumn’s husband fell into this category, she was not about to let him make this decision on her behalf.

When Autumn went out to go shopping while wearing the shirt, she never thought that she would end up running into another mother just like her in the process. These rainbow t-shirts serve as a secret language between mothers who have endured the tragedy of a miscarriage and it is a great way for them to come together in order to share their experiences.

Courtney saw the shirt and was inspired to offer Autumn with some encouraging words, since she could also relate to the experience. The interaction that they enjoyed was so touching, she could not resist sharing it with her friends on Facebook and it immediately went viral as a result. In a world where miscarriages are typically a very taboo topic, we are glad that Autumn defied her husband’s wishes and gave this woman the chance to speak openly about her experiences.

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