Pregnant woman was told to get rid of her foster puppies, her response is priceless


Learning that you are on the verge of having your very first child is typically a cause for celebration when it comes to most couples, but unfortunately for the prospective parents in this story, their moment of triumph was immediately taken away from them by family members and colleagues who did not mean well.


When Sanjana Madappa and Aditya Raheja first learned of their new blessing, they barely had a moment to enjoy themselves before being told that their work as dog foster parents would have to be put on the back burner now that they were going to have a child of their own to take care.

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This type of unsolicited advice is often given to couples like Sanjana and Aditya and in many instances, couples who have not had children before will defer to other people in their lives, considering to be well meaning.

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However, this is not the route that this couple decided to take and they stood in defiance against those who told them that they would need to spend less of their time and effort on helping animals that are in desperate need of their assistance.


Not only did they decide that they were going to keep every last one of their dogs, but they used their pregnancy announcement as a means of letting people know where their hearts lie. A special maternity photo shoot served as the perfect backdrop for their message to the haters and a great way to tell friends and family that their dogs were not going anywhere.

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This photo shoot serves as a very powerful message to all of the animal lovers out there in the world and if your hearts were touched as much as ours were, be sure to pass this incredible tale along to your friends and family members.


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