Property Brothers star makes a plea to the public in response to negative comments


The Internet has become something of a refuge for those who have rude things to say and lack the courage to leave their house and make these remarks to someone’s face. It can be frustrating to watch well intentioned people fall victim to the never ending snark of Internet trolls, especially when their intentions are pure.

For Jonathan Scott, who is best known for his role on Property Brothers, all of this negativity made him reach a breaking point recently. When he made mention of the recent Women’s March, the trolls decided to give him a piece of their mind and once Scott read their comments, he was fed up.

While it is perfectly okay to disagree with someone’s opinion, those who took umbrage with what Jonathan had to say could not do so without resorting to ignorant and hateful commentary. Unfortunately, this is an all too common reflection of the state of online discourse today.

People use the anonymity afforded to them by the Internet to say things that they would not normally say in public and this mentality leads to a lot of hate speech being spread in areas that should be safe spaces.


Fortunately for us, Jonathan was not willing to sit idly by and he let the online trolls have it in the following video. The phrase “if you do not have something positive to say, then there is no need to say anything at all” definitely comes to mind here and you will want to watch the video in its full entirety so that you can appreciate the passion behind his words.

Let’s all do our part to get rid of the us against them mentality that has become so pervasive online. Pass this video along to your friends and family members so that awareness can be spread about the issues caused by hate speech.

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