Puppy Given As A Gift Ends Up Alone On The Streets. Rescuers Alert Owner And Can’t Believe Reply

This is the story about a puppy by the name of Fox and he was found one day wandering through the streets of Los Angeles all by himself. A woman spotted Fox roaming the streets one night and she could not bring herself to allow this travesty to continue. She saw him on consecutive nights and was inspired to pick up the phone and call for help. Hope for Paws was summoned onto the scene and that’s where this story takes an interesting turn.

While the streets were dark at the time, Hope for Paws was able to track down the dog relatively quickly. The animal was found cowering in the bushes in an area that was close to where he had been originally spotted. They fenced the puppy in and used a cheeseburger as a means of luring him in their direction. Once he smelled the burger, he could not resist and he was in the clutches of his rescuers within ten minutes.

The hesitant pup was too hungry to ignore the free meal, but once he was in the arms of the good people at Hope For Paws, he would soon relax. He sensed that he was in good hands and once he was off the streets, he was scanned for a microchip. He had a family that was wondering about his whereabouts and from the looks of it, he had escaped from their backyard.

While the dog was simply a gift that they did not want back, they decided to transfer the microchip information over to the rescuers so that he could find a real home. This story is a valuable reminder as to why you should never give pets as gifts to those who are not interested in taking care of them over the long haul. Pets should only be given as gifts to parents who truly want them around.

Fox was lucky enough to find his way to the right people before it was too late. He was a tad dehydrated from living on the street and not having regular access to clean water, but was no worse for the wear otherwise. Once he had been cleaned and checked up, he was given the chance to live with an excellent foster family.

Would you like to give Fox a home? Check out the video of his rescue and be sure to contact Pal Rescue for further info.

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