Put a ring through a watering can and hang it up. Your garden will never be the same again


Now that winter seems to have finally drawn to a close and you can get back outside to enjoy your garden or yard, you might be wondering if this is going to be a year where you simply rely on the same old same or if this is going to be the moment where you finally break out of your rut and do something different.


Once you have chosen plants that are designed to brighten up all of the monotonous areas of your property, you can also a few carefully placed pieces to add to the splendor. To create a truly pleasant atmosphere, all you need are a few basic items that can be found in almost any household.


As long as you have a glass garland, a long and thin hooked rod and a watering can, you are in business. The first basic step that you’ll need to take is hooking the glass garland to the watering can’s spout. From there, you can stick the road into the ground and use it as a place to hang the can itself.


For the best possible results, be sure to use one of the old fashioned metal watering cans, as opposed to the newer, cheaply made plastic ones. Best of all, you can barely notice the rod when you look at your creation from a distance, as it blends in with the nearby foliage.

92828-005The watering can that you’ve chosen will appear to float in mid air and thanks to the glass garland, a neat effect is created where water appears to be pouring from the can. Your friends and neighbors will definitely envy your unique and nifty decoration and have plenty of questions to ask regarding its origin.


If you’re feeling generous and wish to spread the wealth and pass the love along, please share this unique tip with your friends and loved ones, so that they can enjoy the same exterior decoration benefits that your household is currently experiencing.


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