Racism Tears High School Sweethearts Apart. Runs Into Her 43 Years Later, Refuses To Let Her Go

Myra and Howard were high school sweethearts during the 1960s and their love for each other was as strong as anyone else’s. They would stay up all night and talk on the phone until the morning came. Since Howard is a black man and Myra is a white woman, the social climate of this era made it very difficult for the two of them to pursue their love in the manner that they desired.

They endured a great deal of prejudice while they attended high school and they did everything in their power to make it through the struggle. When they left Columbus, Ohio to attend different college, each of them had a vastly different sort of experience. For Howard, the racism he experienced was direct and cruel. He decided to end his relationship with Myra to preserve her happiness.

He did not want Myra to have to deal with the racism that comes with being a member of an interracial couple. It was a difficult decision for Howard to make, but one that he felt was for the best. Myra did not agree with Howard’s choice, but she was more than willing to respect it. The couple parted ways and they did not see one another again after that.

Years passed and racial tensions started to simmer, so Myra got into contact with a mutual friend that her and Howard shared to see if they could be placed into contact with each other. The two met up at a local park and it was if no time had passed at all. Their connection was still a very powerful one and their story is a testament to the everlasting power of true love.

When they began to date again, the happy couple knew that they could not repeat the same mistakes that drove them apart in the first place. It was clearly meant to be and there are some things that are simply written in the stars. The couple got married two years ago and while they were in the 60s at the time, it was certainly better late than never.

This lengthy romance finally received its storybook ending and we are glad to see that Howard and Myra’s love was able to survive over the course of four decades. Stories like these serve to restore our faith in true love and all of the hopeless romantics out there should definitely be sure to pass this tale along to all of their friends and loved ones.

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