Rescue dog hugs owner every day when she gets home, the reason will melted your heart

Kylo Ren is one of the most adorable dogs that we have ever seen and this pup has so much to love to provide. This sweet and loving dog wants nothing more from life than to cuddle with his mother as soon as she gets home each day. While this animal is certainly enjoying life now, Kylo had a long and hard road when it came to finding the perfect forever home.

The West Memphis Animal Shelter became his home when he was just ten months old. ALIVE Rescue Memphis provided him with the lifeline that he needed and their objective is to pull animals like Kylo Ren from kill shelters. Every animal deserves a chance at true happiness and thanks to the good people at ALIVE Rescue, Kylo was given a whole new lease on life and the opportunity to spread his good cheer.

While Kylo was forced to reside in a foster home for a significant period of time, he was finally provided with a respite. Meghan Sweers saw his photo on Facebook and was immediately smitten by the pup. In her mind, it was written in the stars for her and Kylo to end up together. These two did not find each other immediately, but they were meant to be and they finally came together to become one happy family.

A trial night was needed to make sure that Kylo would be compatible with Meghan’s other dog, a Corgi who answers to the name Nellie. As soon as Kylo arrived on the premises to stay for good, it was as if he knew where he was supposed to be all along. He immediately curled up on his new mother’s lap and a proud new tradition was born.

He does come with some humorous quirks, though. The dog is deathly afraid of hardwood flooring and he will leap from rug to rug in order to avoid touching it for any reason. He is a Bully Breed dog and while some were afraid of his potential aggression, Kylo is as friendly and lovable as they come. Even Sweers family members who had initial trepidation have changed their minds.

Kylo has now settled into a new life as the world’s biggest mama’s boy. If you are someone who believes that all Bully Breed dogs are overly aggressive, this is the perfect story to shatter that ill conceived notion. Kylo also has his very own Instagram page if you would like to see more photos, so be sure to check it out!

Source: Instagram, Stubs_Sass_and_Bull

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