Research Shows Women Sleep Better When They Share Their Bed With A Dog Instead Of A Man

There is something that all of us could use, and that is a good nights sleep. It really doesn’t matter how we adjust our bedtime or our routine, it just seems as if we wake up feeling tired.

One of the issues that many of us face is the fact that we don’t take the opportunity to rest when we have the chance to do it. We may try, but it just seems to be a fleeting possibility. It seems that is especially true for women, who may find that they are just too busy for sleep they need.

According to one study, it may be a matter of changing your sleep arrangements if you want to get some better sleep at night.

This study looked into the sleep schedule of over 900 women, and in particular, how their sleep schedule was affected by the people and animals that shared the bed with them. They wanted to know if the quality of sleep was affected by the human, dog or cat in their bed.

According to the study, there may be a solution to sleeping better and it isn’t kicking your dog out of the bed. Rather, it may be a matter of kicking your human partner out of the bedroom.

55% of the participants showed that sharing a bed with a dog led to less disrupted sleep compared to the other options.

31% of those who were polled have a cat in their bed and 57% have a human partner. The research found, however, that dogs are the least likely to disturb the sleep of those women.

It is important to note that the study is not saying that a dog will not disrupt your sleep. It is just saying that, compared to cats or other humans, dogs are less likely to disturb your sleep.

Women with dogs also saw some other benefits that were not provided by human or feline bed partners.

One of those benefits seems to be the time when the woman woke up. Compared to humans and felines, women who have dogs in their beds tend to have better sleep quality so they go to bed earlier and wake up rested. It seems that dogs enjoy going to sleep at a specific time so their owners are more likely to do the same.

In addition, dogs provided greater comfort and security than either cats or humans.

Admittedly, this may not make your human partner feel the best but it is interesting to find out just how much dogs mean to us.

The researchers plan on looking into the quality of sleep further. Another study, however, has already shown that there are numerous benefits to having a dog sleeping in your bed. This can even include a reduction in chronic pain.

The University of Alberta conducted a study that showed sharing your bed with a dog could reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality and help your body to get what is necessary to recover from issues associated with chronic pain.

If you are looking for an excuse to keep your dog in the bed, I would say this is one that makes a good argument.

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