Terrifying moment smashes into tourists’ car in African safari park


Certain situations that take place are difficult to fathom and when we find stories like these during our Internet browsing, our immediate impulse is to be skeptical. Just imagine what it would be like to walk down the road and find a rhino in your midst and you will have an idea of what this person experienced.


This story took place at a national park in Namibia and these tourists who happened to be passing through an area full of rhinos never could have expected what would happen next. The pictures you are about to see are absolutely incredible.


We cannot imagine what it would be like to be in an SUV that was being attacked by a rhino and this group of people actually got to experience it in real time. Not only did a rhino charge at their vehicle but the SUV was also smashed at full speed, giving you an indicator of these animals’ awesome power.


The courage that the tourists displayed in this situation was amazing and while this seems like the type of story that would have an unhappy ending, everyone inside of the SUV would eventually escape without experiencing any severe physical harm.


Rhinos are known for having a sweet side, but they have also been known to get ornery from time to time as well. We are not sure what triggered this rhino’s attack and while it had to be a frightening moment for everyone in the vehicle to experience, it will also give them one heck of a story to tell once they get back home.


If this story was as intriguing to you as it was to us, then be sure to pass it along immediately. Your friends and family members on Facebook will definitely enjoy this astonishing tale of perseverance and appreciate the resolve of this group of tourists.

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