Sandra Bullock’s Terrifying 911 Call Released After Stalker Broke Into Her Home

Now that we have a wide range of social media platforms available to us, there are no shortage of ways for us to keep in contact with our favorite celebrities. Fans can speak to their stars of choice directly and in many instances, the star may even feel compelled enough to respond. This type of direct access is entirely unprecedented and it allows many of us to feel as if we have some level of influence over their lives.

However, there are some who allow this level of access to go to their heads and this keeps them from recognizing when they have crossed certain lines regarding their personal lives. While the vast majority of us are able to realize when we are going too far, there are always going to be those (i.e. tabloid journalists) who are willing to go to great lengths in order to catch a glimpse of a celeb.

Some even allow themselves to develop an unhealthy infatuation with a celebrity and this leads them to make decisions that are extremely ill advised. Joshua James Corbett is one of these people and he decided that it would be a good idea to break into the home of Sandra Bullock back in 2014. A tall fence that was topped with barbed wire was no match for this deranged man.

He made his way over the fence during the middle of the night. Sandra heard loud noises in the middle of the night (fortunately, her child was not home for the incident) and she decided to investigate. Once she came face to face with Joshua, she sprinted back into her room, picked up the phone and contacted 911 right away.

She was understandably terrified and she asked the police to help her immediately. The man was arrested without incident and according to reports, he apologized to the actress for his actions. Unfortunately, a diary was discovered at the man’s home that professed his desire to make Sandra his wife, in addition to an arsenal. Authorities believe that he planned to sexually assault her that night.

He was sentenced to two years in jail and received five years probation upon release. He has since been released from the mental health facility where he was residing and given a clean bill of health. A permanent restraining order has been issued against the man and if you would like to hear Bullock’s chilling 911 call from the night that the aforementioned events took place, check out the following clip.

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