School Breaks News About 11-Year-Old Girl’s Parents, Entire Thing Caught On Security Camera

Tannah is a sixth grader who has spent a significant portion of her life living with foster parents. She’s been residing with these would be parents for two years now and they have done everything in their power to make their connection with Tannah 100 percent official. They have been also been attempting to adopt her two siblings, but have been met with mountains of red tape.

This ordeal has been very hard on the family, but it is especially difficult for Tannah. She loves her foster parents and she simply wants nothing more than for them to become her permanent family. They take great care of her and she is very happy at their residence. Jackie, the office manager at her school, has developed a special relationship with the child and she’s very familiar with the ins and outs of Tannah’s adoption process.

Once the child’s foster parents learned that they would finally be able to call Tannah their daughter in an official sense, one of the first calls they put in was to Jackie. They let Jackie know that the judge had made a final decision and asked her to pass the news along to Tannah. Thanks to a nearby security camera, the entire scene was captured for the world to see.

Jackie shared the story with her followers on Instagram and the post immediately went viral. In a world that is filled with sadness and tragedy, it is great to see that one family’s dreams were finally able to come true. According to Jackie, this was the single greatest moment that she had borne witness to in her twelve years on the job.

Just imagine how awesome it would be to break this kind of news to a special little girl. Once Tannah was given the word about what had taken place, she gave Jackie a full body hug, wrapping her arms and legs around her favorite person at school. As for Jackie herself, she is merely hoping that Tannah’s new mom doesn’t mind all of the kisses that she planted on her daughter in the midst of the celebration.

Jackie struggled to cope with the horrific events that recently took place in the city of Las Vegas and this was just the beacon of sunshine that she needed in order to overcome her sad feelings. While we are able to see sadness every single time that we turn on the news, it is good to know that joy is taking place as well.

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