School Suspends 9-Year-Old For Shaving Her Head To Support Friend Battling Cancer

This story takes place in Colorado, where one special little girl decided to make a major sacrifice to show her solidarity with a friend who was in need. A nine year old girl named Kamryn was rewarded for this sacrifice by being suspended from school and while this may seem insane to some, this school’s decision is definitely coming under fire in certain quarters.

Kamryn’s friend Delaney was recently diagnosed with cancer and she has lost her hair as a result of her chemotherapy treatments. Kamryn did not want her friend to feel as if she were out of place and she made the decision to shave her head as a way to show her support. The vast majority of us would call her decision heartwarming or even courageous, but not this school.

Since Kamryn’s school has a dress code and this dress code states that no students are have to shaved heads, they have elected to enforce these rules to the letter. When the little girl showed up one day without any hair, they elected to suspend her. But this punishment ignores the fact that she only made the decision to keep her friend Delaney from being the only hairless girl at school.

Schools have a history of allowing their dress codes to play too much of a role in their decision and even though we wish that common sense had prevailed from the beginning here, the school did eventually recant this decision and rescind the little girl’s suspension. Dress code policies are understandable, but suspending thoughtful children for something this selfless is not.

We would have probably asked the nine year old girl who randomly showed up at school with a shaved head why she made this decision before suspending her….just saying. There is an argument to be made for calling the school first before making such a drastic decision, but in our humble opinion, this suspension is simply much about nothing and there was no reason for it in the first place.

Would you like to find out more about the story of Delaney and Kamryn? Of course you do. Be sure to check out this awesome video, so that you can get to know these special young ladies and hear about the motivations behind Kamryn’s decision. Maybe next time this school will communicate with their students before making such a silly decision.

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