Science Confirm: Babysitting Your Grandkids Improves Your Life Expectancy

If you are someone who struggles to summon the energy to babysit your children’s children, this story just might put a little bit of pep in your step. According to a study that has been peer reviewed, it is much healthier for grandparents to watch their children than they may believe. This is definitely great news for all those who are seeking free babysitting.

The Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior is responsible for the study. Did you know that the numbers that are attached to these studies are rather definitive as well? Once the study was over, those who had taken the time to care for others were found to have lived for an additional seven years. Those who did not only had a life expectancy of roughly four years.

The reasons for this are fairly easy to figure out, right? When our loved ones grow old, they do not always have the same level of purpose that they once did. That is why caretaking is so important to our older loved ones. It provides them with an outlet and gives them a chance to feel useful. There are also scientists who believe that these findings rooted in past evolution.

If a grandparent does not have any contact with their grandchildren, experts believe that this can be hazardous to their health. Grandparents should also remain in contact with any grown-up children that they have. Researchers believe that even something as simple as keeping in touch with your adult children can give an elderly person a greater sense of purpose.

Physical and mental health is improved when we have a purpose in life. Stress and anxiety have a way of piling up on us when we do not and this is especially true of our older friends and loved ones. Occasional caregivers were the focus of this study so be sure not to extrapolate these findings to grandparents who watch their grandchildren all of the time.

This is the sort of story that needs to be shared. Full-time custody of grandchildren may not be the best choice for the elderly but there is nothing wrong with a little bit of babysitting. In fact, a few nights with your little ones just might be the health boost that your folks need. Please be sure to take time out to share this important story, everyone.

Source: NHS

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