If You See A Coin On A Headstone, Do Not Touch It Or Pick It Up – Here’s Why

When a cemetery worker was in the process of cleaning up various gravestones one day and spotted a coin resting on top of one of the headstones, he did not think anything of it. But when he continued cleaning and found a second quarter on top of another headstone, he realized that there must be an important reason for this occurrence and he set out to find out more.

As it turns out, each coin has it own special meaning and every denomination carries its own story. A penny that is left on top of someone’s gravestone is meant to let them know that you stopped by to pay them a visit and if you see a nickel on top of someone’s grave, that means that this coin was left by someone who trained with them in Army boot camp.

Dimes are left behind by visitors who served during a war with the deceased and quarters are used to indicate that the person was with the soldier at the time when they were killed. If you are anything like the rest of us, then you probably have a few questions about where these coins end up going? After all, no one would ever want them to get stolen.

Fear not, readers. The coins that are left behind in remembrance of fallen soldiers are actually collected by cemetery personnel so that they can be used for the proper purpose. When a coin is left on top of a gravestone, it is eventually gathered and donated. In some cases, the money is given to the cemetery for necessary maintenance.

But for the most part, it is donated to the veterans’ families who do not have the funds on hand to pay for their burial costs. The practice of leaving the coins was begun during the Vietnam War and it is believed that the first monies were left as a way to provide fallen comrades with a down payment on the first beer that they will enjoy together once they have been reunited at the gates of Heaven.

Would you like to learn even more about this bittersweet tradition and how it got started? If so, be sure to check out this informative video, so that you can find out everything that you need to know about a topic that is not typically discussed in an open forum.

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