Senior Dog Lived Most Of Her Life Alone, Gets To Experience A Loving Family After Diagnosis

When this 13 year old dog was found wandering through the Brooklyn last October, her prognosis was grim. The shepherd-chow mix was given a second chance when she was taken to the Brooklyn Animal Care Center. Once she arrived, the true extent of her problems became evident. The staff at this animal control center would soon learn that poor Kayla was experiencing a rather severe illness.

Animal Haven was the next organization to reach out and once they were told about Kayla’s illness, they pulled the pup from the animal care center. She was given a full examination and it was at this time that kidney disease and oral cancer were discovered. According to the staff’s estimate, the dog only had six months to live, tops. They decided to find her a foster home where she could reside during her final weeks.

Jillian had just lost a dog of her own and while laying her beloved Chloe Anne to rest at the age of 15 after a battle with heart cancer was very difficult, she knew that she needed to help Kayla once she saw her at the shelter. She signed up to assist Kayla immediately and when she and her husband first saw Kayla for themselves, they knew that she was going to be coming home with them.

She joined the family last November and instantly gained a plethora of animal siblings, including one feline and six other dogs. From the looks of it, the dog had lived out her entire existence outdoors. When she first arrived at her foster home, Kayla seemed to be completely oblivious when it came time to lay down in her bed.

The family crafted a bucket list for Kayla once she was settled in. She got to see Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park out on Coney Island and the stoic pup even devoured a Nathan’s hot dog. She has grown to love beach days and as you might have expected, a great deal of her time is spent prowling around outside of the family’s home. Kayla has also enjoyed visiting various FDNY firehouses.

Before she passed away, her foster mother has a number of other surprises in store and she has already outlived the initial projections from the animal doctors. We are glad to see that she has been able to make up for all of the time that was lost and while she deserved to live a life like this much earlier, better late than never, right?

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