She Dismissed It As Just A Rash, But Weeks Later Doctors Have Devastating News

Kayla Hansen was just any other young woman, working a job as a restaurant manager and doing her best to survive. While she considered herself to be healthy, she received a medical diagnosis in late 2015 that would forever alter the course of her life and cause her to view things through a whole new prism.

Her condition was incredibly rare and it shattered her entire universe in one fell swoop. It started off as a very minor concern and would soon become far more important than she could have ever expected. In fact, she thought nothing of it, until it became very clear that a true medical emergency was taking place.


When she was at work one night, her hand was slammed between two doors, causing it to break, and she simply set the hand back into place herself and waited for it to heal on its own. Two months later, the pain from her hand had spread into her arm and it felt like the arm had burst into flames.


At this time, she finally saw a doctor and they diagnosed her with a very rare condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Her wrist had sustained nerve damage as a result of her injury and her body has started to burn her alive from the inside out, causing to develop painful rashes that cover her arms.

This disease has since been dubbed “the suicide disease”, as a large number of sufferers end up taking their own lives. Kayla is doing her best to raise awareness in the meantime and doctors believe that her reticence when it came to seeking treatment also caused the problem to worsen.

She is now visiting with an Arkansas specialist and there are currently only four doctors in the world with the ability to treat the condition. We hope and pray that the specialist can provide her with some much needed relief and we also hope that you will share this story to raise awareness.

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