She Went To The Doctor For Stomach Pain, Then X-Rays Showed 12,00 Of These Inside Her

A 51-year-old woman born in Kolkata, India, Minati Mondal, had been experiencing terrible stomach pains and acid reflux for two months, so she went to the hospital to find out what was going on. After they did scans, they were floored with what they found inside of her!

Mondal’s scans showed gallstones, so she went into surgery to have them removed. That’s when the doctors discovered something incredible. Mondal had 11,950 stones inside of her!

These gallstones are balls made up of salts and cholesterol that form in the gallbladder. Many people can go on with their regular day-to-day life with gallstones, but once they start to block the gallbladder you will start to experience pain, feel ill and it can possibly cause an illness that could become fatal.

A fatty diet causes the risk of gallstones building up and the risk in commonly higher in women.

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