Shelter Shocked After Dog With Tumor Is Surrendered In A Plastic Garbage Bag

The image of a dog inside of a trash bag might seem hilarious to some of you, but we are here to tell the story of this stray, who was forced to experience a horrific fate as the result of someone else’s sick and twisted sense of humor. Blackie was unceremoniously dumped the Carson Animal Shelter and we cannot believe that her owners would do such a thing.


The poor pup had a tumor on her tail and instead of getting her the help that she so desperately needed, the owners decided to make it someone else’s problem. They did not want the blood from her tumor to drip all over the interior of their car and made a heartless decision as a result.


Blackie did not remain at the animal shelter for very long and was eventually scooped up by the good people at the Frosted Faces Foundation. Fortunately, Blackie has not allowed this ordeal to change her lovely demeanor and she remains as happy and eager to please as ever.


While she does get scared and nervous from time to time, she simply relies on the assistance of her caretakers to get her though these difficult moments and we are proud to see that this dog has remained so resilient in the face of her terrible ordeal.



Frosted Faces Foundation gave the dog a full spa experience and we are willing to bet that she has never been so pampered in all of her life. As soon as Blackie’s tumor removal surgery has been completed, she is expected to be placed up for adoption and we are sure that she will find a forever home to call her own in no time at all.


Head to the Frosted Faces Foundation website if you would like to provide a donation for Blackie and be sure to share this amazing story of grit and perseverance with your closest friends and family members on Facebook as soon as possible. Spread the love as far and as wide as you can!


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