Snail get stepped on and breaks his shell, but this vet helps piece him back together


The life and times of a snail may not concern most people, but when this injured snail was in need of help, they found someone who considered their life to be truly meaningful. No matter how insignificant the life of a snail may seem to some folks, there will always be someone that is willing to overlook that perception.


While saving the life of a creature that is this small might be a very delicate task, a very special animal hospital located in Tel Aviv, Israel was more than up to the challenge. The snail’s injuries were caused by a woman who accidentally stepped on him while gardening and his prognosis was not good.


This woman is a truly caring soul and she did not want to leave the snail to die, so she brought him to the aforementioned vets at HaClinica, who were also dedicated to helping the snail overcome the trauma he had experienced.


The clinic posted a series of photographs on their Facebook page, so that interested parties could watch them document the process of putting the shattered shell back together again. For his part, the nude snail also watched their technique with great interest.


The shell was repaired with a combination of finesse, care and a healthy amount of epoxy glue. Once the shell has finished being repaired by these dedicated vets, the snail was ready to move back into his home and head back out into the world and thanks to the clinic’s efforts, crisis was averted.


It may take a few weeks for the snail to reach full recovery, but one thing is for sure: we do not know where he would be without the help of this incredible clinic. If this story touched your heart and made your day like it did ours, then be sure to pass it along to your closest friends and family members as soon as possible.

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