Soldier Adopts Heroic Dog That Was Shot 4 Times And Saved His Life

As we all know by now, dogs are the best friends that a man can have. This is due to the fact that the evolution of man and dog has taken place in a simultaneous manner throughout the course of history. Dogs are the descendants of wolves and while these wolves developed a strong connection with ancient humans, both species would slowly become more domesticated. Now, a dog serves as a valuable protector to their human, while also being easier to tame.

This is the story of a dog named Layka who sprung into action when a fellow soldier was in need of help. Our nation has a storied history of utilizing dogs like Layka in combat settings and this intelligent dog has won rave reviews from fellow soldiers because of her ability to deal with various high stress situations. She is also a wonderful problem solver and was deployed in Afghanistan in 2013.

Shots rang out one day and while some dogs might have hidden from the loud noises, Layka had no such issues. She was ready for the firefight and when she was sent into an adjacent building to hunt for more attackers, she accepted her orders with zero hesitation. Layka’s efforts were instrumental in securing the area, but she paid a terrible price for her contributions.

The dog was struck four times by the gunfire of enemies and once the battle concluded, she was rushed into a military hospital so that she could receive emergency surgery. While the pup had suffered some fairly severe damages, the workers were able to spare her life. She did lose one of her legs in the process and her heroic actions definitely deserve a great deal of recognition.

Julian McDonald is a sergeant in Layka’s platoon and he feels terrible about what has happened to the dog. He knew that he owed the dog a serious debt of gratitude and he also knows that he would not be alive today without her tremendous sacrifice. Julian decided that he would adopt her, so that she would be able to live out her twilight years with the dignity and respect that she deserves.

All of her medical expenses were covered by her new family and while she was a bit aggressive at first, she now plays with Julian’s children on a regular basis. Please pass this awesome story along to your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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