Soldier participates in his wife’s pregnancy shoot from 7,000 miles away


Wesley is in the Navy and he has been deployed overseas for about six months now. While some might have allowed themselves to believe that this would keep from being able to participate in his expectant wife Nicole’s wedding photos, this resourceful soldier came up with an amazing plan.

Living thousands of miles away from one another, these two might be forgiven for forgoing the usual maternity shoot, but these two deserve a great deal of credit for just how clever they are. They came up with a way for the picture to be taken, while still allowing it to look like Wesley was there for a joint photo.


They each took a separate photograph and allowed a talented photographer by the name of Traci Fugitt. She utilized some interesting Photoshop techniques to make it happen and we certainly commend her for taking the time to make this couple’s announcement special.

The picture went viral almost immediately after it was sent out and has given social media users much to enjoy. Nicole even says that she cried on multiple occasions, just from looking at the pictures and being reminded of the incredible love that these two share.


Their families were also moved by the photo and there is no way to recreate the feeling that takes place when you are on the verge of having your first child. Thanks to this awesome couple and the help of Traci, hearts everywhere are being touched by this display of love and commitment.

Did this story make you say “awww” or make you shed a tear or two? If so, the time has come to share this story about of a couple who refused to let distance become a factor in their relationship with all of your friends and family members, so that they can also appreciate their ingenuity and togetherness.


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